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Get Out (Semi Spoiler Alert)

I’ve went back & fourth on if I should do a review of this movie in my mind. Only because I would hate to come off as bitter and or insensitive to certain circumstances of events. Get Out is a movie that every African American Male should see because it speaks directly to Men who find themselves in awkward situations.

The main Characters Chris & Rose are an interracial couple madly in love & Rose feels it’s time to take the relationship further. She insist Chris meets her family but fails to mention his ethnicity to them. To her it shouldn’t affect and or change anything, she even mentions how her parents would have voted for Obama for a third term if it was possible. He’s skeptical at being a surprise but he trusts her instincts and decides to go with the flow. While heading to her family’s lake house a deer runs into the car and police are called to the scene of the accident. The officer was rather polite but he asked for Chris license even though he was not driving the vehicle. He hands over his identification card over to authority and Rose decides to make rude comments at the officer, and that’s when I noticed white privileged was at an all time high.

Her tone of voice and witty rude comments would not have been tolerated if the color of her skin was a tad bit darker. As the officer let them go on their way she states she will defend her man and he’s so impressed of her smart mouth and strong will attitude. Which I find really funny because if his girlfriend were black she would have been frowned upon & reminded to turn it down a notch.

As they finally make it to the house the family meet, greet, & try to make Chris feel comfortable, but it was always awkward moments that he tend to ignore and or blow off. Two African Americans are workers at the parents home as housekeeper & groundskeeper but the Dad states they hired them to help take care of his parents but even though they have died he couldn’t fire them. As they get acquainted with Chris, Rose parents mentioned they made it just in time for the yearly event that they have every year.

During the event which consists of wealthy white couples the comments they tend to make toward Chris were slightly hilarious, sinister, & highly inappropriate. From touching his arms asking Rose “is it true what they say about black men”, & my personal favorite “Black is in fashion”. There are times when your placed in situations and you just try to laugh at all of people assumptions of Black people, but when does it stop being funny and or flattering?

As the movie continues it was basically stated that Rose the daughter made it her business to attract African American men so her family could harvest their organs and become better and stronger individuals. I find it weird the same thing they fear from African Americans is the same thing they wish they had when its convient. This movie acknowledge how strong African Americans are in a room that would normally put them down. Maybe black males will finally understand or see how they are preyed upon for different reasons & learn when to GET OUT of certain situations before its to late!!!