A Night At the Spa (Fall Home Edition)

You have to find time to relax and what better way and day to do it than a Saturday night. Spa days are awesome but can be expensive, so below i’ve included photo’s on how to recreate a Spa session at home thats budget friendly and a comfort meal that will make you feel warm, relaxed, and full.



First, start off with a face peel, this will remove all the dirt and makeup that is still lingering on your face after you’ve washed it off.

Next, use a face wash to cleanse away the remaining face peel you’ve just used.

Now use a face mask to rehydrate your skin

Now run a nice hot bath to calm your nerves, and while you at it add a few drops of Florida Water to cleanse the energy aound you

Gather all of your ingredients so you can make a nice comfort meal and I decided to make Chilli

When your finally done, and your about to dig in find a good movie to watch. Since its Fall I suggest a horror movie, but choose whatever you like lol


Also please make sure to follow my personal blog instagram, it includes video footage of my Spa Night!!!


Don’t forget to comment below and leave some suggestions on things you include on your Spa night at home!!!





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