A Piece of Home

Living in another State is tough especially without a support system. Being completely alone can be so depressing which is why you should have something to remind you of home at all times.

When I came across Mr.Pillowpet my mom had gotten it for our puppy at the time “may he rest in peace” because it looks like him. I remember like it was yesterday and Sox was laying behind it. So many children had this thing and at the current time were being sold on tv before in stores.

Feeling like a big kid I told my mom I was taking it home with me and Sox would understand. Honestly, everything I’ve experienced my Mr. Pillowpet has been there for the ride relocating, being apart of arguments and being thrown around or out lol, heartbreaks, sleepless nights because I couldn’t stop worrying about my future. As time went on I always express that I don’t look like what I have been through but Mr.PillowPet had before. He may have gotten dirty but he never fell apart completely which is the story of my life. 

An incident occurred while I was relocating and I found it hilarious that Mr. Pillowpet would not fit in my luggage and I had to carry him with me thru the airport while being embarrassed because I didn’t want to come off as a grown woman with a toy. While on the plane I looked down and pillow pet was looking upright in my eyes I saw my reflection and lost it. I place my jacket over my face and silently cried as I squeezed him tight. I missed my family, I hated the decision that needed to be made but at that moment I realized this stuffed animal has been my support system for years.

While being on this new journey I’m so happy that I’ve kept a piece of home with me. I couldn’t sleep without it before I got my puppies. Now looking over at it on the bed in the back of my mind I know it’s happy that we’re in the best space and place we’ve ever been in.

P.S. Granted my pillow pet doesn’t talk back but I would love to hear what it has to say !!! 


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