How thrilling is it looking forward to your favorite magazine subscription? 

Granted everything is at our fingertips, it’s something about magazines that will always have more of a significance than what people would expect…

For starters it’s perfect home decor, you can place a magazine on your kitchen bar, bathroom, on a nightstand or even the dresser. Furthermore, if you’re having company you can never go wrong with having something for them to read while they’re waiting on you to get dressed! 

Recently I took a short hiatus from social media to clear my mind and appreciate the things that once made me happy. What better way to take myself back to the early 2000’s when magazines were my inspiration of fashion, make-up, advice and the basics to a healthy lifestyle. 

Allure has became my favorite magazine over the year for numerous reasons. Mainly, I get carried away with the fragrance pages. I love to rip them off and place them inside my purse or gym bag. They aren’t everlasting, but don’t judge me for getting the most out of something so small.

Concluding, if you’re looking for a light read before bed instead of getting on social media or something to add to your vision board …

I guarantee that you’ll be ripping out a page of Allure magazine !

                                                                                                    Yours Truly,

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