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Have you ever been so broken down, you thought to yourself-  “will I make it?”

I have!! For instance, people think bullying stops after grade school but I’m here to tell you it does not. Bullying can get worst as you grow older, it is more than just saying mean words it’s the action that comes behind it. People get bullied so often they become immune to it and barely recognize any flaw in this behavior.


Verbal abuse, throwing you to the wolves during a business meeting is a form of bullying. In all honesty, I hate to admit it but it never stops. You need to learn how to rise above intimidation. Depending on your age, you will determine how to handle this. If your in grade school mainly high school all you have to remember is that this is temporary. It’s only four years and once your out that part of your life is over and everyone goes their separate ways.


I’m always asked why do I have a Betty Boop tattoo with boxing gloves on my right arm & it’s because I myself have been the victim of bullying. So I know from experience how it feels to have everyone against you and humiliate you in front of all your peers. I literally cried myself to sleep every night for a good two years which was my tenth grade and eleventh grade school year. I was public enemy number one but I never backed down. I still remained true to myself and what I wanted to become, even when I felt crappy.


Now fast forward to adulthood bullying in the work place is a different story. Now I haven’t experienced that personally but I have friends who have dealt with abusive managers and inconsiderate bosses who took advantage of their authority. In that situation if things aren’t working out in your favor there is nothing wrong with moving on. While still employed you can also look at other places who may offer you more money for your position that you currently have at the place you despise. Most of the time bullies are unhappy with themselves so they try to make everyone else’s life just as miserable. Luckily for you and I karma is real and it might bite you when you least expect it.

The person that bullies you may end up getting bullied themselves by someone who has a higher position than them or maybe somebody around them may be able to put them in their place. We, as human beings have to learn how to pick and choose our altercations because most of the time, it’s really not worth it. Being truthful, there are times you may have to lose the battle in order to win the war.


Speak what you want into existence, until you see your vision. Instead of saying, “I hate this person”, say “I wish this person finds the happiness they lack in life so they won’t try to take mines away.” It’s all about the way you say things, the power of the tongue is a real thing so be wise of what rolls off of it.


To all my bullies who are reading this remember you get back what you put out when you least expect it.


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