Clean Up Everything Everywhere

I’m not sure about you guys, but I can’t function if things are not cleaned properly. At the end of last year I moved into a new place. I did not realize how much stuff I had, from everything that I accumulated from back in 2012. I knew I had to get rid of somethings in order to make room for my future purchases. 

While cleaning out my closet I created 3 piles Keep, Charity, and Trash. So many items went to charity, while items that were worn out or not in the condition to donate got thrown away . The things I wanted to keep surprisingly wasn’t much. I told myself for the new decade I needed a new wardrobe.

After, cleaning the closet I decided to clean up everything else including my car, and purses. I wanted to get rid of everything that no longer had a purpose in my life. I even decided to clean up my social media accounts. I did not want to come across any negativity so in order to have a clear, and positive mind you have to switch some things around that entails unfollowing, muting, and updating things you haven’t used in awhile. Once you’ve removed things that no longer serves you, you’ve now made room for new things or blessings to come. 

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