Dream Come True ?

We all know why you’re probably reading this right now. You are home during a serious Quarantine, and you literally are not doing anything else. It’s fine, I’m just happy you finally made it here!

Now with the Coronavirus taking over our lives how many of us are getting what we asked for, but not under the circumstances we would hope for. I don’t know about you guys, but I always pray before I walk into work. As I express my gratitude and of having the ability to make money, I am also exhausted. Dare I say over work and underpaid. I can literally recall saying during a prayer that I would like to have more time, patience to work on my YouTube channel, and blog that I love so much. 

As I began hearing about COVID-19 I was aware, but didn’t let it affect the plans that I had in store for 2020. Once the NBA shut down my heart shattered into a million pieces. During a ride home I said out loud “So I guess I’m going to get my wish to work from home huh?”

Having the time to set up things that have  been set aside and wanted to do so badly has been keeping me motivated during this tragic time. Simply knowing that instead of stressing myself on things I can’t control I could become the woman I know I’m meant to be. Taking a few days to discover yourself and what makes you happy is a must. Once this vision is clear get to work! 2020 has showed us that anything can happen you just have to give it your everything and follow your faith.

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