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Normally I’m not unproblematic, because I usually remove myself from situations and people who don’t mean me well.  Between working in environments with lots of customers and knowing some people who have more problems at home rather than what’s displayed in public. Some may experience these problems due to home businesses or being a supportive partner to someone who is unappreciative. So, when do you stand up for yourself without being a total bitch? Recently, I have been pushed to the limit in the midst of trying to create something spectacular and it hasn’t been sitting well with my spirit.

In order to not explode like a bomb or rip everyone to shreds whom I come in contact with I have realized it’s a problem, and think of the best solutions to handle it. Some women will get loud and embarrass themselves including the person that they blame for taking them out of character. That’s one way to do it but always remember you don’t know who maybe watching you and these kind of public disagreements make you feel better but in the long run you’ve lost and just have to move on from something that could have paid off in the end.

I’m the defensive person in public but rather correct the problem in private type of person. My mission is not to embarrass you or myself in front of everyone but yet when we’re alone now I can express the aggression that has been bottled up inside of me. I can let it go rather it being via text message, face time, DM, in person or how ever you want to do it. This problem will be addressed in a respectful manner. If the persons behavior doesn’t change then move on. You don’t have to beef with someone over a disagreement but things may not be sweet like a piece of candy either.

Take no disrespect and let people know when they have done you wrong. Just because I smile all the time I have to check somebody everyday and when I do your canceled from my life. You will always be on the other side so if you choose to cross me try not to get hit by a car on the way to the other side. Is that a threat? Of course not, but Karma can and will be dirty now that I can promise!!!!

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