Family Matters “Surviving The Holidays”


We’re now towards the end of the year, my goodness that was fast right? Once the leaves start changing colors you know that the Holidays are near and it can really be bitter sweet. If your residing out of State away from family and friends then you understand how crucial these reunions can be. Not seeing relatives for a long period of time can make things slightly awkward, especially if they’re asking questions about people or things your no longer interested in.

You know it’s always the same round of questions?

• How’s your dating life or where is he or she from last year?

• Are you still in school when do you plan on graduating?

•Your not getting any younger, don’t you want kids ?

•So what happened to all your lil friends from ten years ago ?

•I see you getting a little big are you pregnant?

•So where is your child’s father, we all told you he would be a dead beat didn’t we?

•You like your job? You been there for awhile right ?


As you smile and answer the questions respectfully as possible; on the inside your in a total rage & ready to knock over all the food, stomp through the house and tell everybody to mind their business. Then again if you pull that off you may feel good for a little while but eventually you’ll feel bad for exploding like that. Ways to avoid questions like the ones above instead of waiting for them to ask, just answer the questions up front when you see them. It makes it easier when you mention it first thing while giving hugs and kisses. For example while giving out a hug mention how good they look (even if they don’t be nice it’s the holidays) while mentioning I’ve been eating way to good you would have thought I was pregnant, but you’ll need a man for that. In the midst of saying that laugh it off to lighten the mood, as long as it’s not a big deal to you then it won’t be to them. That kills two birds with one stone. You’re basically saying  “Yes” I know i`ve gained weight and i’m currently single so thats the end of that.

Answering things before being asked shows your confident in your decisions as an adult. Easier said than done right? Trust me I know and I’ve been taking my own advice. One thing we all must learn and understand that life is a journey that everyone goes through. Maybe not the same exact way but scenarios are always similar. Rather people admit it or not confidence & posture goes a very long way. Lastly speaking in a voice that sets the tone to let everyone know to tread lightly. You don’t have to yell just be firm they know your not a child, and you have to remember that for yourself. Never forget that permission is know longer needed but respect is a must, and it also goes both ways.

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