February Must Haves

Before you get your day started wake up twenty minutes early to enjoy a cup of coffee at home. Granted you can buy some on the way to work, but it’s nothing like waking up gathering your thoughts before you tackle your productive day.

For this month a friend of mine told me to try Nivea lotion and bath wash. Truthfully speaking I’m impressed I felt super soft and smelled really good !!!

After you’ve showered and brush your teeth take your vitamins. I’m sure it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but this will help and prevent you from getting sick and if you don’t eat well everyday your body is missing nutrients that it depends on!!!!

Make sure that your Pamper Yoni Basket stays full at all times. You have to restock it every month of course. Jazz it up make it cute add flowers, glitter whatever you like because anytime you look at this basket just remember how strong you are as a woman. Oh don’t mind the bathbomb and bleach those are a must have as well lol !!!

The important thing in this picture is the “Planner “don’t mind the muffin and Vanilla chai lol…Having a planner helps you remember things that can easily slip your mind.

Now after along day of taking over the world it’s time to settle down. What better way to do that than enjoy a cup of tea while you watch a movie, read a magazine/book, watching YouTube or a movie !!!

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