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Good Girls Finish Last (Unfortunately)

Have you ever heard the saying good girls rarely make history? I guess to get people’s attention and hold it for a while, you have to show and act like a character or be an all-around Bitch, instead of a lady with style and grace.
Now I know some women are strong willed and that’s awesome but the women who have nasty and rude attitudes only get ahead because people don’t want to hear their mouth or it’s the bitter sweet we’re not laughing with you we’re laughing at you attitude.

I’ve seen so many women who were qualified for a position but were overlooked because a benighted woman came around and ended up being people’s amusement. A woman should always carry herself with dignity because believe it or not everything has a cycle what’s cool now, probably won’t be later. Therefore, you have to remember people come across your path more than once and you never want to burn bridges because you have a “I say what’s on my mind and do what I want kind of attitude”. Eventually it gets annoying, and boring, which a lot of loud women are, so they have to be extremely extra to get recognition, they can barely handle, because they’re not properly prepared.

One thing that follows you wherever you go is your reputation. I look at it as your “credit report,” once the damage has been done you can correct it but it takes so much time, money, & energy to the point where you regret making the decisions you thought were helping you get ahead. At the end of the day, hard work beats out everything. When you work hard to get what you want, you never worry about someone taking things away from you because you earned it.


So, to all my Good Girls around the world, continue to be the strong woman you are and if people don’t recognize you right away, “so what!” They won’t be able to ignore the hard work and dedication you put into yourself and your work.

Progress speaks for itself and you don’t need confirmation from indecisive people, who don’t know the difference between originality or unconventionality.



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