Got Faith?

Growing up my peers and I would play a game called Mashed. If I’m not mistaking I think that’s what it was called, anyway the purpose of the game was so you could predict your future.

Even though nobody took it seriously, in the back of my mind I knew what I’ve always wanted.

I’ve read so many books regarding self-improvement that has to do with manifestation or creating the life you feel you deserve. As life moves along your plans begin to shift and making a transition from the known to the unknown is very uncomfortable. A lot of times most of us are faced with decisions that we have to make abruptly and as days and time go on you realize maybe this wasn’t the best idea or I should have waited a little longer.

When it became time to make real-life decisions for myself I had so many questions that meditating didn’t give me all the answers. Instead I found comfort within the decisions that were made. Life is all about trial and error, if you feel like you’ve missed an opportunity you have to create another one. I’ve never really had anybody to go and ask for help with entertainment, modeling, relocating, etc. Basically what I’m saying is I had nobody to get a how-to better known as a blueprint from.

Instead, I became just that a blueprint which is another reason why I try to stay active on this blog. I want to be able to reassure you all and myself that things will get better. If we’re in a bad situation that we put ourselves in we have to take accountability and rearrange somethings to get that comfort and peace that is an unknown must-have.

Making mistakes along your journey is good for interviewing purposes. Whenever things fall into place you can say gather around

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