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Finding a new hairstylist is harder than what people may believe. Trusting someone with your hair is crucial especially if it involves cutting, dying, or using relaxers. Luckily for me I keep it simple; all I need is some long bundles and a nice sew in that’s tight but not excruciatingly tight.

Having a stylist that you can go to for years faithfully, is a Blessing and it definitely feels like a relationship. Unfortunately sometimes life happens and you or maybe your stylist has to relocate. Now your feeling vunerable because your hair is such an important part of your apperance. It’s hard to trust new stylist because it’s a difference between someone who wants money and someone wanting to make money, plus having your hair best interest are two different things.

Picking a new hair stylist isn’t so hard thanks to Social Media. Now you can actually see the work that has been done on previous clients, and you can decide if you like how the work is presented. Pricing is important as well, find somebody who’s in your price range instead of choosing popularity. I’ve known people who went certain places because social media influencers mention someone in particular but regular clients ended up being disappointed and out of funds. Another way to find your next stylist is drive past a place you consider going too. See if the parking lot is crowded or how’s traffic in general? Is it just a hair salon or is it unisex? Are the stylist bad & boujee or is it good and ghetto? You have to know where you’re going and what would be a good time for you to make an appointment. I personally like to go early, especially if it’s in a shop with more than one stylist. You don’t want the feeling of getting a rush job, because they want to clear the salon out early so they can get off and enjoy the rest of their day. Luckily for me i’ve came across some great Stylist that had me in and out in a timely manner, with realistic prices. Check them out if your in NYC or ATL


NYC check out @instantbeautyhair

ATL check out @sisco_jaz

Your welcome ladies and please make sure if you say I sent you, don’t embarrass me lol!!!!


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