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Happy International Women’s Day

I don’t mind living in a Man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it-Marilyn Monroe

What an amazing holiday right? Being a woman has its up and its down but it’s amazing nonetheless. Today is a day that we rejoice and scream at the top of our lungs and parade around without having to hear any male negativity. People assume women have it so easy but yet they have no idea. From carrying yourself with class & dignity, trying to stay in shape mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally with smile on your face is what we endure everyday. Not to mention while menstruating which includes cramping (this pain is unexplainable) water bloated (making you have a bigger stomach, and have you seen the prices on feminine wash and pads/tampons? I mean seriously I could go on & on.

Some, if not all men expect you to work (have a career), come home tend to the kids with homework, bath time, etc. Then have dinner ready, have the house clean, and entertain your significant other at night. Man it’s exhausting, well so I’ve been told!

Us women go through so much to please and stroke the ego of a man to make him feel confident, secure, and respected. Unfortunately for us ladies I can barely say they do the same for us. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing men, but hey let me write my peace it’s our day anyway.

Not all but so many men can be so cruel by manipulations of feelings, confidence and the sad thing is sometimes they may not even realize how damaging it is and or can be. Its flat out rudeness & most women tend to ignore such comments to avoid arguments, that will lead into a bunch of nonsense and never really get solved.

So with that being said ladies it’s our day so get your favorite bottle of wine, some relaxing bubbles for a bubble bath, and do something for yourself today. Rather it’s buying a new purse, lipstick, a pair of pumps, some new bundles, a membership at the gym, or some cheesecake. Do what you feel is necessary for yourself today. Also show appreciation to your fellow women near and dear to you. Your sister, your mom, your bestie, your daughter and remind them how awesome they are today. Give out a few complimets you never know your few words can enlighten another womans day. So with that being said Happy International Women’s Day ladies Who Run The World GIRLS!!!!!


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