How To Get Over Your EX

Everybody makes it seem so easy to move on from past relationships but it’s the complete opposite. Time heals all wounds “allegedly” but honestly a song on Pandora or the scent of a certain fragrance can make you reminisce about someone.

Truthfully speaking you never really get over your exes, you just learn how to live without them. Real Love is not something you can turn on or off. It’s a feeling that’s unexplainable, you can’t take off emotions and leave them at home on the dresser. There’s know way you can honestly get over somebody you genuinely care about, but there is an exception to this rule. It’s safe to say you can love someone from a distance. Some people are just so toxic together that they are just better apart.

Now I’m not going to lie, I’m not the ex that suggest we remain friends. Unfortunately, majority of the time you end up becoming friends with benefits and its unhealthy to keep jeopardizing your pride and your sanity. The only way you can remain friends with an ex is if you’ve completely came to terms with “yourself” and know that this person doesn’t or will never make you happy in the way you hoped for.

Honesty with yourself will help you overcome that harsh reality of your fairytale relationship that went bad. Exes are your Exes for a reason. There’s no need to keep reliving past experiences just to get the same hurtful truth/ending. So technically you don’t get over your exes you just learn to live and be a better person without them!!!!

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