I Know I’m Good From The Outside But What About The Inside? (Getting Tested & Knowing Your Status)

Growing up as a teenager I’ve always seen movies like “One Week, Money Matters, & KIDS” just to name a few. They basically taught me about the HIV virus. I watched one of the movies in my health class in high school, called KIDS to be exact, and the speaker that came to our class had the virus himself.

Fast forward into early adult hood I had a cheating boyfriend, and another partner that told me I should get tested. While waiting for my results I couldn’t stop thinking about a few careless decisions i’ve made being caught up in the moment. The day finally came and I was a nervous wreck. When the doctor came into the room she pulled her chair close and said you have HPV my heart dropped and tears began to flow.

As she held my hand she stated “but I’ve seen you’ve had Chlamdiya & Gonerrhea last year” I looked at her with confusion and said I’ve never been to this clinic before. She looked at me puzzled and said your not & said a different name? I told her no and what my full name was she looked shocked and said “Oh My Goodness” I have the wrong chart!!!

I fell back onto the bed in the room because all I could think of was what if my REAL chart is worst. By this time my heart traveled to my throat, sweat was coming from everywhere & my nerves were completely shook. I heard the doctor scolding i’m assuming the new receptionist at the front desk, but I tuned her out. As she walked backed in the room she looked at me and smiled you have a clean bill of health, everything came back Negative.

As I sat up and wiped my tears the doctor smiled at me and said now take this as a lesson, not everybody is so lucky like you. Take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and the person you care for. As I ran out of the office, I hoped right in my car and pulled up into a CVS. I purchase four boxes of condoms and began passing them out to my friends. Even though they were laughing as I began passing them out I kept saying its funny now but we gotta be safe. The person chart she read before mines was an actual person who’s body was going through turmoil in my opinion.

As females having STD’s can not only harm us but it could harm our future child and our bodies. Some STD’s can trigger things in our uterus, our Fallopian tubes and the list goes on and on. In order to keep up with your status go to your yearly OBGYN for your check ups, Planned Parenthoods etc and get tested know yourself so you can know if something is wrong or if something feels off.

Have this discussion with your partner so it shows him the kind of “Woman” you are. As I grow older I ask the basic questions and then blurt out when was the last time you’ve been to the doctor? If he’s being honest he will have the exact dates and even the results. In some places they can be online and since our phones are very handy now days it shouldn’t be hard to pull up. Or even take a picture of your results and have it in your phone in your email. It’s scary getting testing trust me I know, but it’s even scarier NOT knowing your status because you could be hurting someone you love in the process.

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