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 A trip to the grocery store was once something everyone took for granted but now how times have changed. During this time if you never have before this is the perfect time to make a grocery list. 

Ever since Covid 19 happened I find myself sitting in the car before hopping out and rushing inside the grocery store. Instead of making sure my lipgloss and lashes are on point, that know longer matters because my mask is properly covering my entire face almost & I even say a prayer as I get out and lock the door. 

Walking inside if you haven’t made a list, I promise you will fail to get everything you were suppose to. Seeing so many people on edge, wearing masks & gloves including yourself plus standing 6’0 feet away is very traumatizing. A sneeze before would have received a Bless You now is looked at as a threat on someone’s life.

Here’s a list below of things that I kept forgetting. Hopefully this list will help remind you that these are things you need as well 

  • Seasonings (black pepper, salt, others you may need)
  • Breakfast (Bagels, Bread for toast or sandwiches)
  • Snacks (healthy & naughty)
  • Drinks (water, soda,)
  • Be cautious when buying fresh items, you need to cook or eat them right away so it won’t go bad (vegetables, herbs, fruit)
  • Essentials (pads, tampons, soap, dish & laundry detergent, batteries, flashlights, light bulbs, plunger, baking sheets & pans, tissue, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, lip balms, lotion, socks, Tylenol or whatever brand you prefer)

I’m sure I’m missing a few things but feel free to add what you don’t see and inform us all as well.

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