Is Being Nice The New Enemy?

Recently, someone told me “You are too Nice.”  I was slightly confused, so intrigued I asked – “why they would you say that?” His answer was “you always say thank you and smile.” Puzzled – I asked him …
“is that a bad thing?” He said “well you’re the reason why people say ‘never trust a big booty and a smile. You’re supposed to be above others, not everybody is supposed to be close to you.”

As I stared at him, I thought to myself, – this is exactly what’s wrong with the world today.

Hearing his words, honestly made me feel sorry for him.

I think it’s so unfair that people are looked down upon, because they have manners.

My heart broke for him because people like him are so busy looking forward to clap backs and thinking they’re better than others, that they forget to appreciate each other as human beings. We all go through struggles, no matter how rich or poor you are. Being nice and respectful doesn’t make you less of a person, or give people the leeway to disrespect you. Having manners and smiling at someone who is admiring you doesn’t make you weak, it reminds them that you’re human and you appreciate them for appreciating you.

For these reasons, I recently had to check a few people this year. They tried to pull my card not knowing that ultimately it hurts them and not me. This kind of behavior, never made sense to me. Who would want somebody to be mean to them? Would you want someone to admire your work and not tell you because of the energy you give off?

In the world we live in, you never know what might happen next, or who somebody might become, or what their battles are. People read self help books, that teach them how to basically be an asshole. They all fail to mention that eventually you will get knocked off that high horse and you may need a hand to pull you back up. Maybe the one you failed to say “thank you” to and smile. Nobody is going to help someone who is rude and acts superior than others. It takes a second to smile, nod your head, or click the like button on IG. Rather than frowning your face up causing unnecessary wrinkles and walking around as if your shit don’t stink. When that wheel of fortune turns upside down and you’re the fan and not the star, it will crush your heart, when you’re looked down upon, as you once did to others.


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