Love Laugh Live Life

Everyone is always looking forward to the future instead of looking at today as a present. When I say present I don’t necessarily mean as of right now, but rather a gift. Life is a journey, but not every ride is smooth sailing. Sometimes the road is so rocky and unsteady it makes you wonder if your heading in the right direction.
 For some odd reason it doesn’t dawn on me how much I’ve accomplished until I go back and glance at old photos. Faith is all I have while on this roller coaster ride called life. Recently, i’ve found myself rushing things in my life to happen instead of appreciating the moments that I’m currently experiencing right now. I recall myself smiling ear to ear from a conversation that was had from the previous night with a friend. People were literally side eyeing me as I burst out into laughter while at the gym. Smelling the roses was once an expression I didn’t respect or understood but now I live by it. When i’m in the city I stop to get a picture so I can always reminisce about the memories that were made. I welcome the heat from the sun as I walk to my destination because I never knew my life could be filled with such fresh air. We all need to be more grateful for the things, & people we currently have in our lives at this very moment.
 Life doesn’t always go as planned but you just have to go with the flow. Regardless of how things eventually turn out, you have to always remain positive. Before you know it years will pass and at least you can recall the moments you spent with individuals or in places that once made you ecstatic. It’s an amazing feeling, so for this week make sure your grateful for all life’s experiences good or bad. Life is like the wheel of fortune what goes up comes down and vice versa. Enjoy the ride in your Chariot and welcome everything with open arms!!!

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