Miscarriage Awareness


Your age, ethnicity or financial status cannot help you in this scenario. Miscarriages happen everyday. The sad thing is, the parents have to pick up the pieces and continue to move forward. I have always noticed when people announce a pregnancy, they’re literally four months or further along. Only because they want to make sure that the baby is healthy. Now just imagine what it may feel like knowing your pregnant, setting dates for baby showers, gender reveals, birthdays and all of a sudden it’s over.

I’ve been told experiencing a miscarriage is not only emotionally painful but it hurts physically. From the sharp pain of cramps to the amount of blood being lost and knowing that this is the beginning of the end. Talking to people who experience this said they hardly got through it. Simply because nobody knew that they were pregnant to begin with. Dealing with such a traumatic experience can lead to depression and if it does you have to seek help.

The healing process has numerous steps a few included

● Understanding

● Forgiveness

● Acceptance

● Rest

Immediate family and friends are crucial to have in this time of need, because regardless how far along you were, a loss is a loss. Expressing how you feel and being there for the father is just as important. For some reason people forget “men have feelings too” which is why you have to be emotional supportive for each other.

I tell people all the time that it’s rude to ask people when will they have kids. Who says they haven’t been trying? It’s so many reasons why women can have miscarriages and of course most people don’t want to go into detail. If you have experienced this and are going through it right now I have included information below so you can have someone to reach out and talk too. Your not alone in this and you will over come this. Just give yourself a chance!!!!






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