Move Down and Open Wide


Once or even twice a year ladies we have to get our annual Pap Smear. Regardless of how many you’ve had in the past they don’t seem to get easier do they? Especially if your not fortunate to build a relationship with your OBGYN. Relocating, change of insurance, or retirement your forced to scoot down and open wide for a complete stranger. So below I’ve included tips on how to make your next appointment go by a little smoother & hopefully faster.

● While trying to find a new OBGYN if possible ask for recommendations from friends and family. It would be nice to have somewhat of an idea how your check up will go.

● Find a place that takes your health insurance and if you have to pay cash ask questions. For example: how much for the entire Check Up? Which should include a Pap Smear, Blood work, and the price of your medication(s) you may need such as birth control etc.

● Be honest while answering health questions or mention anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. This is the time to be honest about if you smoke or drink, if your using protection or have multiple partners. Nobody is there to judge and you want to make their job easier. You want to make sure you’re healthy at the end of the day. If your feeling light headed, abdominal pain, really bad menstruation let them know. They paid thousands of dollars for medical school let them do their job.

● Be fresh and clean ladies. Remember to book your appointment a week after your last period if possible. Simply because; when they ask questions you’ll know the date you started, if anything was different, or if your starting some new birth control. Also Be sure to take extra care of your Yoni, Cookie, whatever you may call her the day of your appointment. Sex before an appointment can make you uncomfortable because the speculum is set to go inside and open up so consider having intercourse after your visit.


After you leave treat yourself to something rather it’s a bubble bath, mani pedi, or something sweet. Then again leave it to me I’ll always find a reason to celebrate being a woman!!!

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