Mr. Clock What Time Is It?

One thing that’s certain is that you can’t rush things no matter what the circumstances are.

I know for a fact it doesn’t matter what I do,Ā I feel like I’m stuck in a tunnel running towards a light and when I finally squint my eyes from things getting brighter the light moves further down & it’s dark again. It’s so frustrating and can really affect your mood but you know that “the run towards the light” will be so worth it once it’s finally been obtained.

As I had everything planned out life’s bumps and turns always manage to pop up and switch things up. How you handle the situation will reflect on how you over come it. You can’t beat yourself up, all you can do is keep moving forward. Working hard for today and leaving yesterday in the past is preparing for a better Tomorrow. I’m a strong believer if it’s meant to be it will no matter what obstaclesĀ come your way. I’ve noticed when I didn’t jump right away I was able to learned more about a situation that was avoided i’ll have sigh of relief for the delay.Ā Make a plan and stick with it, ignore the things that are out of your control and keep your eye on the prize.

The year is almost over and you still have time to accomplish the things you set out to do for 2017. Whether it’s relocating, getting your business started, getting in shape, letting go of people who don’t have your best interest at heart you can do it. I tell you this and I tell myself the same in 2017 I CAN & I WILL!!!!

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