Never To Late

One thing about the Internet it always reminds you of where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and who you were with. A memory popped up from a few years back and all I could do was cringe. The photo was nice but the story behind it needless to say was very unhappy.

These past few months I have been reflecting on my life and really doing the work to understand why things are the way they are. Why do I keep ending up in the same scenarios but in different situations? Something was off and I have felt that way for years. After doing the work for the last few years so many questions I had finally got answered and I’m still amazed and how the Dominoes was set up and how they all collapsed. I knew the very moment I was always right for feeling like something was missing or always not quite right.

Once I understood the problem I have been able to come up with ways to heal, understand, nurture, and validate the person that means the world to me Myself. Life is a gift and every day I’m blessed enough to work towards the life that will bring me happiness. Everything happens promptly once you find and realize what your true purpose is on this earth and working and walking in that nobody or anything can stop you. Every day is a Surprise and it could be the day your life changes for the better!!!

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