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Thanks to social media everything is post worthy. The good, bad, embarrassing, unhappy, even intimate moments that aren’t meant to be shared. I always tell people I’m a public person with a private life. Unfortunately most individuals have a hard time understanding what I mean exactly.


Speaking for myself I hardly upload “certain things” because you never know who may be watching. I hate to say it or even be negative but people will literally prey upon your happiness. You can’t expect people to respect your privacy if you dangle everything in their face. So keeping certain things off social media will help you avoid being attacked spiritually & physically. While my life is literally coming full circle I’ve experienced pretty much everything. Ups, downs, highs and lows but you’ll never know it.

Below I’m including things you can do to protect your peace and your privacy!!!

  • Take pictures now & post on later dates
  • Never mention your going on vacation because someone can easily break into your home because you’ve literally documented the whole entire trip
  • Congratulations, if you’ve finally got your new car but you don’t have to upload what car you actually purchased if you want it to be known just show the keys
  • While posting your kids don’t upload the school they attend because your literally making it easier for a kidnapper to go to your child’s school pick them up and you would have been the one to give up valuable information
  • Posting your relationship is a beautiful thing but parading your partner in front of other people is leaving the door open for ridicule & judgement

If your happy then that’s what really matters. Most people that are on social media are some of the most unhappiest individuals ever. They know that people love what they do vs who they are. It sucks but it’s true, you have to be reminded that everyone’s intentions aren’t pure. Letting people assume what’s going on is their concern not yours. Regardless of what you do in life people will always have something to say and unfortunately it’s not always strangers. Protect your peace at all cost and you have the means to do so.

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