Rent Bae


On my way home from work, I engaged in a conversation with a man that left me feeling confused and I even thought could I be wrong? As a child I’ve watched my father take care of our family, and I’ve always admired and respected that about him.

If you live with your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend do you both pay rent?  Honestly, do you both split everything in half? After receiving different views from numerous couples; they’ve helped me understand why one or both pay rent. Their conclusion was based on who get’s paid more financially and how can they build stability for their household.

Speaking for myself if I’m ever living with a man, I’m not paying rent. Now before you guys shoot me all the way down let me finish. If I’m working and my partner is as well his job “in my eyes” is to provide us with shelter; while I make our place a home. I’ll provide the home with food, electricity, maybe cable, save for vacations, if something in the house needs to be handled rather it’s an appliance, new floors, etc you guys pretty much get what I’m saying.

I feel if you both are splitting everything down the middle what happens if someone get’s hurt and can no longer provide their half, now what? I figure if one of the partners are literally saving you won’t fall because your partner is your crutch. A man mentioned to me it’s 2018 and women should pay half for everything, it’s no free nothing. I simply smiled and thought to myself ” who is the woman that hurt you lol” I simply replied well don’t expect her to do all the house work then, I said sarcastically. Especially if she’s a mommy, which includes everything times how many kids y’all have.

All in all if you’re in a relationship and your King is making you “his Queen” pay for half of everything in the Castle, you may need to find your own Palace. Why go half or tit for tat with someone who won’t let you sleep peacefully in his arms. Just imagine after a long day of work you got the kids together and in bed, cooked dinner, done the laundry, you even started preparing dinner for tomorrow night. Then right when your cuddling and dosing; off he whispers in your ear, make sure you leave the rent on the table after you cook breakfast in the morning. I wouldn’t call that a sweet dream more like a rude awakening.


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