Safety First

The horrific factor that human sex trafficking and kidnapping is at an all time high we have to always be alert especially us ladies. My friends know how much I love horror films and the show Law and Order SVU to be exact. I always learn so much from these kind of shows and movies. Below I have included a few tips to help us all be safe and to protect ourselves from predators.

• If you are running errands and you have a sedan never park near a truck where no one will see you if danger strikes

• Try to avoid getting on elevators alone unless you are some where cameras are present

• Keep at least 3 phone chargers handy that may be expensive, but you need one to ensure your phone is charged in the event you may need to make an emergency call. Specifically have one in your car, home, and on you at all times. Your phone should never go dead, because anything can happen.

• Never let your friend walk around the club alone. I know you want to give your girl some space, but I’m the friend that will stand across from you socializing and stare …yes I will put my glasses on in the club and I’m taking pictures zooming in and all 🙂

• When going on a date with someone new always know what the plans are ahead of time so your friends or family can be informed of your whereabouts. So many women feel like they have things under control. I see it all the time on Law & Order SVU a victim of rape kills the rapist and still goes to jail.. Having your friends know your location will show that you took all the necessary steps to avoid any danger and you did what you had to in order to protect yourself.

• Never allow a man get you a drink and your not present unless he has earned your trust and you are comfortable with him. Anytime you accept drinks from strangers while you are out is if you are at the bar together or you have a bottle that has been opened in front of you. So let’s say he wants to get you a drink alone stand on the couch…yes stand on the couch in the club, open your Snapchat app zoom in, and click the moon icon to add light. This will ensure you have watched him until he returns. TRUST NOBODY!!!!

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