Silent Manipulator (Anxiety)



Have you ever been somewhere out in public and all of a sudden you feel totally off? After all these years I’ve finally realized it’s a silent condition that rarely gets mentioned and it’s Anxiety.

A few years ago after experiencing a panic attack know one could tell me what it was, except; stop so being extra! Eventually, I started understanding myself better on a Spiritual level and concluded I’ve been handling my anxiety by totally neglecting it, basically pretending it doesn’t exist.

As a child I stayed so paranoid to the point I would bite my fingernails until I literally didn’t have any. My heart would beat so fast it would feel like it’s beating a hundred miles per hour and will be bursting out my chest any minute. I’ve experienced Anxiety in a few different scenarios for example; if I was excited about cheering at a game, nervous around a boy I had a crush on, or scared to death of a bad grade.

Not to long ago I started noticing my thoughts started getting the best of me and it literally would make me sick to my stomach. Grabbing my tablet I began researching all of my symptoms and even took a cheesy test online and sure enough it pops up Extreme Anxiety.

Finally realizing what I’m going through has helped me tremendously. I’ve been able to catch myself from thinking wild thoughts, or I place my hand over my heart as a reminder too relax. It’s okay to reassure yourself in your mind you’re fine and breathe. Below are a few symptoms of Anxiety and if you think your experiencing any of this please talk to your doctor. We’re all different so some of us may need more help than others but we have to start by helping ourselves first!!!


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