Staying Productive

At the beginning of the year I made a vision board. Instead of putting up material items, I decided it would be more business savvy. Breaking down the year as if it’s a basketball game gives you the opportunity to seek & execute. 

First Quarter 


Second Quarter 


Third Quarter




 I have given myself enough time from a realistic standpoint to have certain goals that I want to accomplish completed in a timely manner. Life has a way of laughing at your plans and I am still trying to understand some of the obstacles I face. The purpose for breaking things down on a vision board is to be aligned with your plans even when the in-expectancies of life happens. Some examples of this would be you encountering car trouble, randomly become ill due to unfortunate circumstances, or experiencing family issues. No matter which way life turns you are still on task to finalize your goals. 

There are three months in each quarter of the year. Writing down what goals you want to accomplish and breaking it into quarters is more obtainable, because it gives you enough time to get your tasks accomplish. It’s always room for improvement, but you cannot go wrong by becoming a better you, while achieving your goals.

Looking over your vision board you can connect the dots, and if you knock certain things out of the way early you can get ahead prior to the next quarter. It doesn’t take much to accomplish what you want to do with a plan and execution, and if it does become challenging create or recreate your vision board. The beauty in this is watching your business(es)come to life. It may not turn out the way you’ve planned, but the work is being done to achieve the bigger goal. Always remain positive, resilient and humble!!!!

Things you’ll need 

Big Drawing Paper


Sticky notes( so you can rearrange it easier) different colors for different things

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