Strip Club Etiquette

Have you noticed that the Gentlemen’s Club is the new hang out spot? I’m sure you have! So what do you do when it’s your first time or if you’re a little shy?

A friend of mine was excited and nervous when a guy she liked suggested hanging out at his friend girlfriend’s place of employment..a strip club. It was her birthday party and it was expected to be a real extravaganza. She didn’t want too come off as a lame or unadventurous, so she played it off as if it was know big deal even though she had never been to one.

At any rate if you’ve never been to a gentlemen’s club before or even if you have.. continue reading below for a few pointers on how to enjoy your evening.

Keep in mind different rules apply depending on which club you attend!

If you’re going to an upscale club where a dress code is enforced don’t worry you should be relieved knowing this will be an exciting, chilled an intimate experience. The ladies working at this place normally dance in front of the booth or table (NO TOUCHING). Also don’t throw money in the air because this isn’t that type of place. Instead you’re just enjoying the show with your date, while your sipping on a glass of champagne and watching the view..

Dancers are there to talk it’s apart of the job so don’t give off the cold shoulder or those judgement stares. Instead let your “new friend” know that it’s your first time and if the entertainer is good at what she does.. she’ll have you feeling relaxed in know time! 

On the contrary urban clubs are mainly the ones you see on social media telling you to come to their bar or bring a check. Now this is the place you can throw your money in the air. Usually dress codes aren’t enforced so be prepared for the turn up. Friendly reminder, just because a dress code isn’t a big deal be aware ladies keep your outfit in line. If you decide to have on a sheer blouse remember to bring a jacket just in case it’s any problems at the door.

This environment normally has the lights dimmed low while hookah, cigars, Mary Jane, and even cigarette smoke consumes the air. First you have to find a seat whether it’s by the bar or a table. Not only-but also never sit in front of the stage unless you plan on spending money. If there is nowhere else to sit then stand and make sure there’s plenty of room for the customers who do plan on supporting the entertainers.

This part is important so read carefully,…urban club conversations may be short and sweet especially if you go after midnight. This is now crunch time for the ladies and at this point everyone knows why they’re here. Before you get dances ask how much they are and don’t assume to avoid confusion. For example, if you plan on spending “$40 or $60 dollars’’ find out how many dances you’re going to get and let your dancer know to either “dance four songs or dance six”. As a result everyone has an understanding and you don’t rack up a tab you’re not prepared to pay.

Last but not least keep the slaps on the behind to a minimal and don’t go hitting your entertainer hard. It’s rude regardless if your date or man suggest you to do it harder. With this purpose in mind, don’t disrespect the entertainer her sole purpose is to provide you with memories and a good time while keeping you and your date entertained.

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