Strive For Your Best Life


What a wonderful quote to live by right? Ask yourselves, what does this quote represent for me personally? Speaking for myself, it means trying to receive and become the best I can be at life. Digging deeper inside of myself to make sure I’m genuinely happy.

My best life consists of nurturing & manifesting






I’ve learned from experience you can’t and won’t be your best if you aren’t well rounded. Even if you feel like your not well rounded but are getting by it won’t be for long trust me!!!

Having people that you love or love you around will fulfill you in a way fortune cannot. You can have all the money in the world, take all the trips and snap videos with all the pretty ladies in the elevator but honestly what happens when that flight lands and your back at home? Are you still living and feeling fulfilled?

Recently I’ve been really be cautious of what I’m putting into my body. I notice my body has been rejecting certain foods. I feel my body talking to me loud and clear by saying remove this trash from my system and intake more




I even had a dream I was eating broccoli which I later learned represents a slow success.


While being in solitude or as I like to say a Hermits cave it gave me the ability to get to know myself. Sometimes your placed alone because if you can’t be by yourself, how can you expect to be with or complete someone else? How can you find out who you are if you’ve never been able to take the time to find out? Some days I cry, some days I feel vulnerable and other days I feel strong, confident, motivated. Making sure your day is filled with positivity is completely up to you, Never forget that!!!

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