The Pamper Yoni Basket



There’s nothing more annoying then having a visitor pop up unannounced right? So just imagine how it feels while enjoying girls night at a friends, then Mother Nature pops up like “hey girl i’m early”. Now you have to ask your friend for a pad or just grab a bunch of tissue while pretending everything is fine. I’ve been that girl before and let me tell you it’s no fun, slightly embarrassing and it ruins your night. So, if your that friend or family member that has everybody over your place this is a must have in your bathroom I call it….

“The Pamper Yoni Basket”

Inside items are what you`ll use in your time of need. Depending on your preference make sure to keep the basics inside the basket

● Pads

● Feminine Wipes

● Tampons

● Any brand of pills you prefer that helps with menstrual cramps, headache, backache

These are the basic items to have but the list can go on. I`ve had the brand Therma Care heating wraps, panties in a pack which can be purchased at your local dollar store, small garbage bags just in case you want to throw something in the trash and not make it obvious.

I was a little skeptical to write about this particular subject, only because it’s never really been mentioned in this kind of manor. Having a “Pamper Yoni Basket” in your restroom will be that final touch that every powder room should have. You can be as creative as you like, try using a wire basket or something that will hold all the items. A plus would be if you can see thru it as well, it’s a slight suggestion like “hey if you need me i’m here”. I hope this was helpful to you ladies i’m just trying to make our lives stress free as possible !!!!






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