Things I Would Tell My 14 Year Old Self “2020 Edition”

While reading another one of my favorite bloggers blog post •Adrienne Bosh• a burst of emotions filled my body. For a quick second I had a flashback of what my life was like at the age of fourteen, and honestly during that time was when I came to the initial conclusion to start a blog. I look at this blog as the big sister I never had, but needed so badly. I want to express a sense of gratitude, humbleness, and understanding for all women, because regardless of what race or age we all have overcome similar situations.  

If I could tell my 14 year old self something I would say “you have no idea how amazing you are, or will become. Stop second guessing yourself, and continue to do what makes you happy even if it make others uncomfortable. Just know that in order to be loved you have to love yourself inside and out. Mistakes will be made in life but it’s all about how you correct, accept, and take accountability. In all honesty your mistakes weren’t on purpose and you didn’t know any better but you can’t hold on to the past. Your awakened spirituality is nothing to be afraid of instead embrace it unapologetically. 

Regardless, of what others may say about you behind your back just remember how they feel has nothing to do with you. You’re calm demeanor in situations is a strong attribute that most aren’t born with or could never understand. You handle curve balls like a champ and you never give up on anything that will bring you happiness, security, and stability. Remain in your femininity and if a man can’t rise to the occasion he’s not the man for you. Settling is never an option even if you have to be alone never forget or confuse how much you’re worth!!!”

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