I will keep this review short and sweet, I will be hitting on my favorite parts, so let’s get into the review below:

At the beginning of the movie there is an intro informing us about underground abandoned tunnels. Therefore no one knows exactly what’s going on below us.

Next scene we see a young Adelaide in 1986 watching a commercial about Hands across America, which really took place in 1986, where you can donate ten dollars and for fifteen minutes people held hands across America to help bring awareness to Homelessness and hunger. During the evening you see Adelaide and her Parents at the Boardwalk and her dad wins her a “Thriller” T-shirt in which she puts it on over her Hands across America shirt. As she drifts away from her parents she manages to stumble across a mirror house called Shamans Vision Quest “Find Yourself” in which she literally did.

Fast forward to the present Adelaide is married to her husband Gabe and they have two children Zoe & Jason.  While driving up to the Summer home soundtrack “I got five on it” plays on the radio. Let me just say how bomb is that right? Like if you haven’t heard I got 5 on it please head over to YouTube right now it’s literally a Summer Classic lol.

While at the Summer home it was revealed they were going to attend the same beach that Adelaide seen herself in the mirror as a child. Automatically she refuses but gives in so her husband and kids could enjoy the beach and meet up with friends. While at the beach the son came across a man standing with both hands out as if he’s holding hands and blood dripping from his finger tips. In the midst of walking away from his family before they noticed he was gone, every family member was going through some kind of ungrateful moments from the daughter mentioning she know longer wanted to run track, her brother couldn’t remember a magic trick and the dad was in a secret competition with his friend. Not to mention when Adelaide friend asked her why she doesn’t speak much she simply replied “I can have a hard time communicating.”

Now in the evening finally home from a crazy beach day, Adelaide feels like her twin which is called a doppelgänger is getting closer to coming for her. As her husband brushes her off they notice that a family is standing outside of their home and granted the police were called but they wouldn’t be there for another fourteen minutes. Before they knew it the identical family invades the home dressed in red jumpsuits and are now standing in front of the fireplace. As the family stares at each other Red explains that what goes on above happens below as well but just the opposite. While Adelaide married her Prince Red was stuck with her husband doppelgänger as well as the children. Giving birth above was easy compared to  underground -it was disturbing, she even mentions having to cut the baby out of her herself.

As the battle begins between both families so many things were being revealed and I took plenty from it. The family defends themselves from the doppelgängers but soon realizes that everybody is going through what they just experienced but not everyone else is so lucky to have survived.

Towards the end, Jason (son) makes Pluto(his doppleganger) walk backwards into a fire because the people below were literally mimicking the people above. Pluto dies and Red snatches Up Jason and takes him below to the tunnels. Red and Adelaide fight it out (my favorite scene) we realized that you can create two bodies but you cannot duplicate two souls which is why the experiment failed. As Adelaide defeats Red we soon understand why Red was so upset. She is the “original” Adelaide the one we were rooting for was indeed the doppelgänger herself. She took her place when she first seen her in the mirror house, which explained why she couldn’t speak when her family found her back in 1986, and why she was afraid to go to the beach. She knew what was there and what could happen. As she retrieves her son and reunite with the rest of the family her son stares at her realizing his mom isn’t who he thought she was after all this time, but what could he do?

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