Welcome Back Fall🍁

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, well im my opinion anyway!

Fall is finally here!!  It includes pumpkin spice, Halloween, the leaves change colors and last but not least it’s time to style and profile.

Below you can see a few things that I feel will make your Fall experience a grand!!

Pumkin Spice makes my Fall Super Nice

Candles around your home will definitely give off the Fall vibe and dont forget to burn sage to burn out negativity.

Fresh Flowers always give a nice touch.

So i’m a fan of hats and to be honest im just starting my hat collection so bare with me lol.

The four hats in the front were purchased from



•TJ Maxx

•Neiman Marcus

The two hats in the back were gifts from my ig family

• @Untamedthebrand

• @exoticdollars

What’s dope about this next hat is that I always wanted this particular color and not only did I find it, it was on sale at H&M how lucky was I lol

During the Fall these things are must haves

• @LivingRoyal Socks place your order with them and tell them I sent you

• @Shaevonallurecollection Mink Lashes they can brighten up your face when you don’t feel like wearing makeup trust me

• Nivea face cream I don’t know about you guys but my face gets really dry this time of year and it helps to keep me mosturized

• Anastasia ( Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit)

• Alive Vitamins, these are very important especially with the weather changing you need your immune system to be as strong as possuble

• More Candles I actually found these BeBe candles at Burlington

• Body wash from Victoria Secret of course what woman doesnt love a good body wash

• Home decor to give off the final touches for Fall put these items in your home and i gurantee you it will make a big difference

Sports season starts and i’m a fan of Football and Basketball

I hope you guys enjoyed my Fall post I may add on to this post so make sure to come back and check it out whenever you want.

Walking into Fall like Heyyyy lol

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