Wrap Me Up

Robes should be inside of every woman’s closet.. No if, ands or buts about it! You can never have too many because each robe can and will fulfill a different purpose. A lot of times I have the tendency to take off the covers while I’m asleep. I’ve came to the conclusion that I can’t sleep in long sleeves, it simply doesn’t work for me.

Having a cozy robe can knock off chills during the Winter or even when you insist on using your air conditioner when its warm outside! I personally love wearing big comfy robes… Especially while I sip my coffee when I first wake up in the a.m., checking emails and text messages.

Hence on the nights I’m feeling myself I have my collection of silk robes. I plan on having a silk robe in every color. It’s nothing like doing your make-up and being able to move around without getting hot and sweaty while your face is baking! To the greatest extent I wear my silk robes when I get out of the shower and plan on doing my hair and make-up. Being able to move around and knock off the slight chill from getting out of a hot shower is exactly what your body desires. I certainly feel like my skin is breathing under my silk robe after a hot bath or shower! 

Nonetheless, I want to remind you guys to be cautious of the color you choose because getting make-up and/or oil on a silk robe is a set up for failure! Lol. Trust me I’ve learned by experience!!!!!


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