You Are What You Eat

Growing up your constantly told from adults to eat all your food. It’s not a hard task, but your quick to be scolded if you only eat a few bites. Adults consider that wasting food, and who has money to just throw away right? Not realizing, your programming your child to continue eating even if they’re full.

Speaking for myself, I enjoy junk food mainly because it’s so convenient and always available. Things like chips, soda, pizza, Diners, Bodegas etc are my go to if i’m not home to cook. Food also plays major roles when your bored and or going through something emotionally.

Depending on the person you are; when your upset you can’t eat at all when your stressed, or worried. Even if you tried you may become nauseous because you don’t have a appetite, so when you eat something  you can’t keep it down.

Then again, you may be someone who snacks to fill voids that make you forget about what your going through. Until after you burp and now your feeling disgusted because you’ve eaten all your food that was suppose to last all day.

Acknowledging and admitting that you have a problem to yourself will be the first way to get back on the right track. Finding away to express yourself in a healthier way will make you feel that same rush food does. Mainly because it’s the right thing to do and it’s hard feeling bad for doing the right thing. In this case scenario instead of eating when your bored, work out or if your a foodie like me cook your own favorite foods but just make them more healthier.

167 vs 145

I’m far from a Fitness Guru and i’m still battling between healthy foods and snacks on the daily. So if your experiencing this too just know your not alone and together we can beat this thing. The older you get your body will let you know exactly how it feels with what you put inside of it. Don’t ignore it listen and let it guide you.

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